The Three Deadliest Lies Being Spread In Network Marketing Sales

The Three Deadliest Lies Being Spread In Network Marketing Sales

Again and again, when individuals are acquainted with network marketing sales, they are informed that this kind of business isn’t about sales, but its about something completely different. The cold truth is that in MLM you must make sales if you want to to make money, just as in all other business. Below I’ll disclose 3 of the biggest lies being spread, and the reality behind them.

Number one. “Its not selling, its sharing”. This is one of the biggest expressions being spread to brand new MLM sales distributors.The absolute truth is that with network marketing sales, as in any business, at its most core level is about exchanging value, in this situation cash for products or business opportunity. The entire sharing mentality is often sold to brand new MLMers who have a huge phobia of doing real selling.

What really happens when you are “sharing” about your product is that an individual is just counting on the relationships that they already enjoy with family and friends, and the mutual trust that is attained with that. Then, this is used a leverage point to either market the MLM product or business.

Secondly, “We are not in sales, we are into educating people on making better choices”. Educational marketing is a fairly well known technique in the sales and marketing industry, and in network marketing sales as well.

A great example of this can be witnessed at home depot. One of the things that many people love about home depot is that they hold classes and seminars on how to conduct home repairs and projects. This educational marketing at its best.

What they do is get a targeted group of people who want to learn about a specific task and hold a class on how to perform that repair. This makes getting the sales infinitely easier.

One can view this technique carried out many ways in network marketing sales with educational sessions, webinars, conference calls. All with a goal of educating individuals which makes the sale easier.

Finally “The product sells itself”. Products don’t sell or market themselves, people sell products, plain and simple. Try this as an exercise to illustrate this point. Buy a big box of the latest wiz bang juice, top of the line, best in the world.

Alright, now here is the thing. Place that box of your product in the driveway and leave it there.

Does the juice automatically leap up and sell itself? Is there a sale made without a person actively working to sell the product?

I hope that talking about some of the truth in network marketing sales up what the business is trully about. Just as in other businesses, a sale must happen in order for money to be made.

If you’d like to learn more about network marketing sales, read the information below and follow the instructions.

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