The Generation Of Business Sales Leads, A Global Concern

A lead generation conference in Las Vegas, gathered this year 1400 participants and 650 companies from different countries around the world. The common concern is how to generate high quality business sales leads and what new trends the markets are setting.

It remains clear that quantity of business sales leads is important. The issue of quality is another major concern. For this, scores were developed to be able to rate the quality.

While all participants agree that being able to match the supply to the demand is crucial. None of them had created a system to be able to do it. This aspect was rated with 60% of importance.

Reliable information on the user: 20% of the quality note. Are the data about the applicant correct? Verification can be done by systems online or by phone.

Purchase Intention from the users: 20% of the quality. What is the intention of purchasing the prospect? A basic trend (and software) is developed on business sales leads nurturing or the maturity of them. All prospects are not immediately usable by commercial and method which seems to spread is monitored over time leads (up to 6 / 12 months after collection) by the marketing departments.

The speed at which the business sales leads are processed is another major concern that raised some discrepancies amongst the participants. While some advocated for a speed measured in days, some thought days later was more appropriated. After some discussion, it was clear that reminding over the phone in a matter of minutes or hours was the best choice.

It is important to make emphasis on the relation between the rate of conversion of business sales leads and the speed of reminders given to the user (30% efficiency of sale for a reminder on the day even with a reminder the next day): a priori there are great benefits to finding ways to accelerate the speed of calling the users back.

Also, in a broader vision, generation of business sales leads done online is seen as a counter-cyclical business. Meaning that it is an island of prosperity in a world of crisis: on the one hand, users want to buy, and the other marketers and marketers want more leads to be able to sell more.