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Many small and medium enterprises (SME) are at a disadvantage in the business world now-a-days. While some lack the capital to even start the business, others simply do not have the technology or any other innovations to even compete with better equipped rivals. In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to entrepreneurs to have their SME’s undergo Google integration. This maneuver is very effective not only due to the number of resources that are going to be made available, but because it allows them to market their goods and services in such a way that they gain efficiency and profitability that they will not have otherwise.

The Cloud Group

One company that sells Google Apps to entrepreneurs is the Cloud Group. Cloud services are derived from the company’s extensive experience in Google technology and they lend migration support from legacy mail systems to Google Apps for business. This results in the organizations spending less cost, having increased productivity and streamlining their IT processes. The group also gives a suitability assessment program for SME’s that are considering using Google Apps Email for their hosted email service. With 15 years of service, the Cloud Group has become a competitive company n its own right and it is considered as the top choice when selecting a technology partner for small and medium enterprises.

Google Apps to Have

As stated above, cloud integration services allows businesses to have access to a number of resources that would enable them to operate beautifully in the ferociously competitive business world. These include the Gmail (for email management), the Google Calendar (to help users manage schedules and meetings online), Google Docs (for online documents, spreadsheets, etc), Google Drive, Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, Google Groups (to help users communicate online with business partners and clients), Google Talk (for users to have means of instant messaging and real time communications), Google Video (to allow users to share videos other than sending them through emails), and many others.

Benefits for the Business and Its Owner

With so many applications offered by Google for small and medium enterprises, any entrepreneur can have the edge to make their business grow and thrive. By employing outstanding services from apps resellers like the Cloud Group, their enterprises would have the advancements and innovations necessary to compete with rivals. Entrepreneurs would be relieved of much of the small but tedious tasks, allowing them to prioritize more important affairs. With their business in the cloud, these proprietors can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Google Glasses have hit the market in a big way. People all over the world have come to hold their breaths for that big day when the glass will be available for the general public. However, like there are enthusiasts, there is a huge section of the population that thinks glass is quite frankly a waste of time and money.
While people think that it is set to revolutionize the entire concept of technology, one must never forget to understand and accept the fact that every new technology bears some flaws which are corrected over time.
However, needless to say, Google glass application development seems to be a big business opportunity for a lot of people, and so, almost every third company in the market claims to have developed (or is developing) its own set of glass apps.
On the emulator
The biggest hurdle with Google glass application development is the fact that developers can only develop the apps on the emulator. Only a handful of lucky companies could get their hands on the actual device during the one day open sale, and so, apart from them every other company is just working up apps on the emulator.
One could argue that apple apps too have been built on the simulator for a very long time; however, the only difference here is that people know what the iPhone looks and feels like. So, developing on the simulator might not be that difficult. However, when it comes to the glass, it is a complete surprise.
People have no idea about what it is and how does it behave. So unless you are working on the actual gadget itself, it might just turn out to be something completely unexpected. This is why the emulator isn’t the best way to work for Google glassware development.
Things to bear in mind while developing apps for the glass
In case you are an entrepreneur and wish to have your own app designed for the glass, you must ensure that your developer or the company that you are approaching have the glass. That way, you will yourself be able to experience what the device is all about and then, when your app is ready you can experience how it functions on the glass first hand.
But apart from this there are a few things that you must pay attention to while designing for the Glass:
Build for a unique experience
The glass is all about experience. People are looking forward to t to get that unique experience when they use it. So, the most important thing to care for is to provide an experience to your user which is something that is totally out of the box and comes to them like a gasp of fresh air.
Keep away from shocks
You don’t want to alarm the users at unforeseen hours. The glass is a helper, an aide even. Don’t make it a podium of pointless advertisements and undesirable surprises.
Don’t divert
You don’t want people to be sightless while using your apps. Make sure that your apps are least distractive and most efficient in flowing together with the things that your user is currently screening or seeing.
I cannot stress exactly how important it is to research before you create an app. You have to understand the market that you are creating the app for. Once you know it and create an app that is pro user, there is hardly any chance for it to go wrong.

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