Hate The Hard Sell? Here Is A Better And Easier Way To Get Rich In The Car Business – Part 1

Hate The Hard Sell? Here Is A Better And Easier Way To Get Rich In The Car Business – Part 1

A common trait we’ve observed amongst many dealers lately is burnout.

Dealers are burnt out with the auto business, they are burnt out with chasing prospects and they are sick to death of forcing outcomes merely to stay alive. There’s simply no light at the end of the tunnel. Success feels light years away.

So what is the reason of all this burnout?

The major reason for this is that the traditional way of doing business in the car industry is broken. Many of the conventional techniques of getting clients and marketing your product or service will no longer work.

So in reality, success IS light years for the dealer still making use of traditional lead generation and client attraction means. How could you run a business whilst chasing down prospects, making countless calls, pushing for meetings, clinging to the hard sell and forcing outcomes all at the same time?

You cannot… and that’s the reason several dealers are going under right now.

So what works? What could you do to refresh your efforts and start getting clients to your store?

It all begins by understanding things from your prospects’ perspective.

You see, when conventional customer attraction ways are utilized in the car business, the experience is as equally uncomfortable and unnatural for your leads and clients as it is for you.

The customer is on the receiving end of your manual brute force efforts and often feels like an animal being chased by a newbie hunter who wouldn’t give up the fight. They feel pressured, hounded and beaten… and ultimately a weak few might give in and move ahead. But the majority would run, and stay away for life.

This not only applies to your personal sales effort but even to external marketing. Your external marketing is doing an similarly brutal hack job on your personal brand and on your prospects’ or customers’ perception of you. Interrupting them, bombarding them and confusing them, not to mention wasting their precious time is no way to build an authentic relationship.

You do not require a degree in marketing psychology to see how you’re sabotaging your efforts by doing the types of promotion and hard selling habits as I touched on above. You’re just working against yourself-alienating more individuals than you attract… which of course makes for a horrible bottom line every month.

Well here comes the frightening part.

The expense of this forced, unfocused and barbaric approach is enormous. Prepare yourself. It is hideous, it is scary and it is familiar. A lot more work, more waste (both time and money), more frustration and lower gross. All of which means you put less money in your pocket, kids’ academy fund and retirement account.

When you use the traditional approach and it isn’t working the symptoms you experience are more hours spent working every week, more marketing that does not create results, a lot less cash to operate and grow and more disappointment and frustration.

Eventually you lose-either by getting so burnt out that you cannot go on any longer or your dealership is forced to close because it cannot sustain it’s operating budget.


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