Four Must-Start Businesses in the Financial Industry

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur but not sure where you can offer value? Want to own your own business but don’t know what to sell? The financial industry is a huge industry offering plenty of opportunity to self-starters looking to earn money serving clients with high value products and services. And, unlike other types of industries, the services in this industry are always in high demand.

In this article, you’ll read about 4 easy and exciting money-making opportunities in the financial industry.


People browse the internet because they are looking for information that applies to their lives. Whether it has to do with their day-to-day lives, succeeding at work, or managing their money, internet users crave information and are willing to pay for it. Creating your own ebook filled with valuable financial information can help your clients balance their checkbook, manage their money, make more money, or improve their credit rating. In the financial industry, the sky is the limit and the topics are always in demand! Buy a URL and website from a webhost, create an ebook, and sell it through a company like Clickbank. Advertising can take many forms, from Google AdWords to affiliate relationships to word of mouth.


Seminars are popular, particularly free seminars. Identify a hot financial topic like managing money or getting out of debt and offer a free seminar in an evening or on the weekend. Rent space at your local library or at a community center, set up chairs, and offer coffee. Provide valuable information in an engaging and interactive format along with a free take-home workbook. And how do you earn an income? The best way is to sell something at the back of the room – perhaps a book (either that you purchased wholesale or that you wrote yourself).


Newsletters delivered to email are a great way to build relationships with many customers. You may want to write a newsletter on general financial topics, financial news, stock market observations, or debt and credit management. First, sign up to a site like ConstantContact which is designed to help you distribute newsletters through email. They will also give you the tools to put a “sign-up” box on your website. Advertise your newsletter and collect subscribers. Create a regular newsletter filled with valuable information and distribute it each week to your readers. You can make money a few ways: either by selling a subscription to your newsletter or by offering a free newsletter but selling advertising space to marketers.


A blog is a regularly updated website that is usually short, less-than-formal, and full of your personality. Decide on your blog’s topic and start writing. Post regularly – preferably at least once a day or more – and make sure that your blog has plenty of insight, information, and magnetic content. Link out to information and resources that are appropriate for your audience. Embed Google AdSense ads, Amazon widgets, and affiliate links to earn money.

These business ideas are extremely flexible for any subtopic in the financial industry you might be interested in writing about. And, you can mix and match them in different ways to create powerful combinations that customers will return to again and again for their favorite content.

All that’s required is equal parts vision and effort to get the project off the ground.

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