David Dubbs – What You Think Creates Results In Network Marketing Opportunities

David Dubbs – What You Think Creates Results In Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing multi-millionaire, David Dubbs, reveals the first answer to your success in various network marketing opportunities!

First, ask yourself this question…

“What do you think about when network marketing opportunities present themselves?”

A recent conversation with Internet marketing multi-millionaire, David Dubbs, revealed this key principle. A principle that affects success and failure in network marketing opportunities.

This principle has to do with your thoughts, your attitude, your philosophy, your values, and your beliefs. It encompasses how you see yourself when deciding to join any one of the many substantial network marketing opportunities.

Most people think, “What is this going to cost me to get enrolled? And what do I have to pay, on a monthly basis, to stay active?”

David Dubbs said that he hears this frequently from the numerous team members he recruits to his organization. Now, let’s look at the real effect that these words can have on our results…

“Cost and Pay every month.”

Most people look at network marketing opportunities as an expense they need to ante up. Their mindset is on price. Something that will cost them money if they join.

What they are really saying is along the lines of, “I do not believe that I am going to work in any of the network marketing opportunities that I get into. I desire to earn more money and enjoy a wealthier lifestyle. However, I never got involved with this before or never made any money at this before. As a result, I better figure out how I can take care of the costs and pay for this risk I am joining.”

These thoughts will never lead to success.

David and I came to the conclusion that anyone with that mindset is setting themselves up to struggle, give up, and ultimately fail.

People who are successful, that enroll in sound network marketing opportunities, picture things in a different light. Successful people think, “What is my upfront investment? Is that all I have to come up with to start a business and make money? Okay, what kind of return on investment is possible?”

People who are successful also think, “How do I generate massive income in the business? What percentage of the money I generate do I have to put into to stay active in these network marketing opportunities?”

They have confidence and belief in their ability to be successful. They learn and apply the necessary actions to be successful in any network marketing opportunities they decide to join. They set themselves up to win.

Okay, so what does this difference in mindset have to do with success?

This is so important to understand. You see, our thoughts direct the actions we take. Our actions generate our results. Eventually, what you think helps you do well or causes you to fail.

Successful people constantly feed their mind through reading recommended books. They listen to CDs produced by top producers in any of the rock-solid network marketing opportunities they join. They seek out and view videos that assist them in developing their self confidence and mastering new skills.

So, let me ask you again…

“What thoughts do you think when you look at network marketing opportunities?”

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