Business Owner Versus Entrepreneur: Michael Dadoun Of Montreal Demonstrates The Difference

A lot of people confuse entrepreneurship with ownership of a business. The fact is that people who do not own a business may also have the spirit of entrepreneurship. Whether they are working a routine 9-5 job or acquiring a university degree or diploma, they’re planning ahead, learning things, taking initiative and this is known as entrepreneurship. Michael Dadoun of Montreal has displayed this drive since his student days.


He holds degrees in computer engineering and international finance. If you were to look at his career profile, you would see how much these qualifications have helped him reach new heights of entrepreneurship. Thus proving that entrepreneurship is an ingrained spirit and it starts when a person decides that he needs to invest in a business venture.


Michael Dadoun of Montreal is most famously associated with UpClick, the online payment processing website. As a co-founder of this popular online payment solution, he brings to the table his knowledge of international finance, Internet, and IT.

A major difference between entrepreneurs and business owners is that entrepreneurs are never satisfied with status quo. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, their business, and in the process make a positive change in order to contribute to their community.

Entrepreneurs are always thinking ahead, looking for new opportunities that could help them get closer to their goals. Michael Dadoun of Montreal has been associated with the telecommunications industry, and therefore, was in a position to understand how the Internet works.

His knowledge of international finance, as proven by his position as the principal of the Solaria Fund and his experience as a senior analyst, finance for Nortel, has been of crucial importance is setting up of UpClick. Since this payment processing website helps vendors send and receive payments worldwide, the knowledge of international finance is necessary for effective administration of the site. Additionally needed is technical knowledge and that is why UpClick’s current CEO is perfect for the job.

Drive to innovate

Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with an unvarying routine. They are constantly looking for change and improvement. UpClick’s CEO, who started out as an employee at Nortel and finally helped in establishing the UpClick’s website, shows that he is always looking to add to his industry experiences. This is the hallmark of a true entrepreneur.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal has gained hands on experience in diverse industries, in the course of his career. As a result, he can identify the requirements of the market. UpClick was set up with the goal of helping vendors send and receive payments easily and safely.

Soon, it became a platform for vendors to not just transfer money, but also to boost conversion rates. The website is perfect for online businesses and Michael Dadoun of UpClick has done a fair bit in ensuring that vendors are not deprived of opportunities due to their inability to set up complex websites that are expensive to set up and manage.

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